Body Pump

What Is Body Pump?

Body Pump is a barbell workout designed to burn fat quickly and get you lean, fit and toned fast through a combination of resistance and cardio. The secret to its success is The Rep Effect, a proven method that develops lean, athletic muscle by exhausting them with high repetitions using light to moderate weights.

  • Duration: 30 - 60 mins
  • Avg Calorie burn: 300 - 600
  • Fitness level: All levels

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  • Muscle toning and definition
  • Enhances core and overall strength
  • Works all major muscles
  • Fat burning workout
  • Improves bone health
Why Join a Body Pump Class?

If you’ve been looking to get results from lifting weights without the bulk or are interested in resistance training for weight loss, this class is for you. Body Pump gets you to achieve more than just lifting weights on your own through a combination of scientifically-backed movements, motivating instructors and energizing music. It helps you burn up to 540 calories in one session, all while developing and working all your major muscle groups.

What Can I Expect from a Body Pump Class?

Body Pump workout classes typically run for 55 minutes although there are 30- and 45-minute sessions as well. There’s no pressure to lift heavy, in fact the focus is on high repetitions using light to moderate weights only. Progression is encouraged however, in order to get the most out of your training. The instructor will guide you through the entire session and if at any time you feel that the weight is compromising your movement, you can stop for a few reps or lower the weight slightly. All equipment and weights needed will be provided for you, you’ll just need to bring your towel and water bottle and wear comfortable workout clothes and supportive shoes.

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