Let’s get started!

Dear Fitness Junkies,

Let me first introduce you to our all new G-fitness blog. From this place in cyber space we will hope to inspire you to reach new levels of fitness and get you thinking about cool new things to try out at our gym.

As a personal training team we will be co authoring this space, to give you insights on different aspects of health and fitness.

I believe the first thing that people need to know when they want to change their health is that there is no quick fix (I can see you frowning now) smile because it ain’t that bad.

Guess what? All you need to get started in changing your life, and ultimately changing your health is a tiny bit of motivation.

Motivation lasts about 2-3 weeks which is great time to get you started on and exercise routine. It takes 21 days = three weeks to build a habit after three weeks you can throw away your motivation and work on building habits.

Sounds easy?

Well it should, when a habit is inbuilt into your system it’s hard to get rid of. Think about your morning routine: you get up eat breakfast (If you don’t you should be), wash your teeth etc etc

You don’t even think about it. Try to do the same thing with your workouts. Start to make exercise a habit. Go to the gym at the same time each day five days a week so it’s part of your daily routine.

Make Gyming easy by going on your way to work or on the way home.
(Gyming= going to the gym and working out… add that one to the oxford dictionary!)
This way you don’t end up sleeping in of a morning or even worse laying on the couch eating ice cream watching TV at night!

Have I picked up on some of your bad habits already? Lol

Quick tips I want you to get from this post:

1. Make exercise part of your daily routine so you don’t have to rely on motivation all the time. Motivation is short lived, habits are long term.
2. Don’t sit on the couch eating ice cream it’s not good for you
3. Always eat breakfast as the cliché goes it’s the most important meal of the day

Until next time fitness junkies, see you at the gym!

Gabrielle Maston