Staying Motivated for Early Morning Sessions

We get it – it can be hard staying motivated for those early morning workouts! If you’re often tempted by a soft pillow over the prospect of push ups in the morning, we have a few tips that could make all the difference.

Keep your alarm away from your bed

It sounds simple but it works. By the time you’ve hopped out of bed to switch that loud noise off, you’re already part of the way into your day and much less likely to snooze through the early morning.

Pack your bag the night before

Just about the least motivating thing to do before a workout is to grope around in the darkness trying to find your gym shorts. Get into the habit of laying your workout clothes out the night before and have your gear packed into your gym bag. This makes it easy to get up and go (and saves a few minutes if you do happen to hit the snooze button).

Let there be light

Our body clocks adjust best with natural light exposure. If it’s light outside at the time you wake up, throw open the curtains as soon as possible to let the sunlight and the new day in. If it’s the depths of winter and still dark, you could switch on lights as you go or even look into light simulators to help you start the morning refreshed.

Prep your caffeine

If you can’t get going without your morning coffee, make it a ritual to prep your travel mug before you sleep. All you need to do is flick the kettle as soon as you wake up, fill your cup on the way out the door and enjoy a nice strong brew to wake you up on the way to the gym.

Switch on the tunes

There’s no reason your favourite workout playlist needs to wait until you hit the gym. Throw off the covers, press play and brush your teeth while your brain kicks into action mode. For get-up- and-go inspiration, check out our guide to picking music that’ll pump you up for your workouts.

Plan a post-workout reward

If a big motivator for you is food, start thinking about the delicious breakfast you’ll be able to enjoy after your workout. Completing that extra set of reps seems much easier when you’re working your way closer to a tasty smoothie or berry muesli bowl.

Workout with others

It might be tempting to doze through your personal gym session early in the morning, but by exercising in a class or with a personal trainer you’d also be missing out on the fun – and potentially even letting someone else down. Check out our class timetables here to find some group fitness groups that work for you.