• Demi Poon<
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    Demi Poon

    As a National Champion and Australian Representative Powerlifter, I have worked alongside some of the most respected in the industry and

  • Jimmy<
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    I came to Australia in 2015 to finish my degree at the university. This amazing country and healthy lifestyle fascinated

  • Kelly – Dietician<
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    Kelly – Dietician

    YOU have not failed at dieting. Diets have failed you. You are an incredibly complex creature. Diets focus on just

  • Olivia Adoncello<
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    Olivia Adoncello

    Fitness has been part of my life from a very young age. Dancing, soccer, diving, netball, tennis and athletics are

  • Will Adams<
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    Will Adams

    Sport has always been a big part of my life, especially as I hale from the deep Welsh Valleys. I

  • Stephen Hale-Worrall<
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    Stephen Hale-Worrall

    Inside each of us lies a potential to be a better version of ourselves. Often, we know we know we

  • Julian<
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    My love and passion for health & fitness grew as I studied my bachelor degree of architecture. It made me

  • Lani<
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    I’ve always been an active participant across a variety of sports including Soccer, Baseball, Netball, Gymnastics and 20+ hours of

  • Faisal<
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    Your body and health can affect you as a person psychologically, physically, and  emotionally. Being an accredited Exercise & Sport

  • Monika<
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    “Fitness is not a destination; it is a way of life???. I take a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition and

  • TARIQ<
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    I have travelled the world to develop my own training and I am passionate about sharing this with others. I

  • ROB<
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    My focus is to provide you with the education, motivation and support you need to guarantee the results you want,

  • MARK<
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    With over 25 years experience in resistance based exercise myself and over 15 years training people and groups both here

  • DONNA<
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    I have an immense passion for fitness and I believe I can change people’s lives. A trainer will take you

  • CARLA<
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    I started just like you, with a deep desire to change my body. In the beginning, I was overwhelmed by,

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