Get a Total Mind-Body Workout with Our Yoga Classes

Yoga is one of the most enduring and widely-known exercise programs of all, and it’s no surprise why. Yoga can be practised by practically anyone, at any age or fitness level. It incorporates a series of strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation to challenge your flexibility, balance your mind, decrease stress and increase strength with every class.

There are more than a hundred different types of Yoga ranging from gentle and relaxing to fast-paced and energizing, and yoga poses can be adjusted to suit various needs and capacities.

  • Duration: 60 mins
  • Avg Calorie burn: 300 - 500
  • Fitness level: All levels

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  • Improves flexibility and posture
  • Enhances core and overall strength
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Improves respiration, energy, vitality and circulatory health
  • Destressing
Why Should I Do a Yoga Class Near Me?

The benefits of Yoga are numerous and proven. Those who practise it are not only fitter and stronger, they also live calmer, more relaxed and balanced lives. That’s because yoga isn’t just about burning calories (though it certainly does that!), it’s also about building your core strength and attaining a higher level of self-awareness and inner peace. Yoga is for everyone—whether or not you’re flexible or athletic; have back problems, weight problems or joint problems; young or old. Even pregnant women can practise certain types of yoga. It’s the best workout for those who find high-impact exercises too difficult, painful or just not possible.

What Can I Expect to Find in a Yoga Studio Near Me?

Most Yoga studios will provide a mat you can use for the duration of the class, though you are welcome to bring your own. The studio will also provide any other props, such as blocks and belts that you may need. More often than not you’ll see a variety of people with different fitness and experience levels in one class, so don’t feel like you should be extra flexible or coordinated. Every class is done barefoot, although you can wear special grip yoga socks. Make sure to wear comfortable, breathable clothing.

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