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Looking for Affordable Gyms in Rhodes or Freshwater?

Joining the Gfitness gym in Rhodes or Freshwater, NSW could be the perfect solution for you with modern facilities, a wide range of classes and programs, and personal training to get you moving. We’re large enough to offer world-class equipment and studios with extensive opening hours, while offering the friendly service of your local gym.
You may be looking to lose weight, build strength, increase flexibility or target a problem area. Whatever it is you want to achieve, now’s the time to get into either our Rhodes or Freshwater fitness centre and get into the best shape of your life.

Join up and Get Active At Our Freshwater or Rhodes Gym

Want to have fun and get fit? Enjoy small group training or join our Zumba and Les Mills classes. You might like to unwind midweek with a yoga or Pilates class, or go hard with high intensity interval training, bootcamp and boxing. We also have a custom spin class studio at our gym in Rhodes. With a flexible and affordable membership with Gfitness, you’ll get unlimited access to all these classes, our outstanding facilities and more.

We welcome members of all fitness levels and experience, so whether you’re looking for a friendly environment to begin a healthier lifestyle or seeking the best equipment to further your fitness path, Gfitness is here to help. View our membership options or visit our leading exercise facilities in Freshwater or Rhodes today.

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Choosing the Right Music to Get You Pumping at the Gym

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