A Guide to Workout Nutrition

A Guide to Workout Nutrition

When you take the time to work on your body, you want to make sure your workouts are worth it. Poor nutrition can cancel out or minimise all your hard work and you don’t want that! Luckily, with the right foods you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals faster.

Low GI and High Protein Meals are Perfect before Your Workout

The combination of low GI and protein-rich food is perfect during the day or before a workout. They release fuel slowly to allow your body to sustain energy for longer. If you consume solely or mostly carbohydrates before a workout you might find that you will burn through it quickly, leaving you without the energy to push your limits in your workout.

What are Some Great Low GI and High Protein Meals?

Try the following combinations during your day. These meals are perfect 1-2 hours before your workout but are also a healthy meal on any day you aren’t working out! How much you consume is dependent on your gender and the intensity of your workouts or how much physical exertion is occurring throughout your day.

  • Egg white omelette with spinach, whole grain toast and a glass of skim milk
  • Pasta, noodles or quinoa served with lean chicken
  • Porridge with banana

Are Carbohydrates the Enemy?

Balance is everything when it comes to maintaining your fitness results and making those workouts worth it! Carbohydrates are definitely not the enemy – in fact, can be fantastic to consume post workout. Simple carbohydrates help your body to recover and replenish glycogen which your body has burnt while exercising. Post-exercising, carbs can be digested and used quickly while your body recovers. Try things like:

  • Chocolate milk. Low sugar varieties are best.
  • Chicken stir-fry
  • Bagel with ricotta or low fat cream cheese
  • Mashed potatoes served with salmon or chicken

Which Foods Should You Avoid?

As stated, balance is everything and in moderation everything is ok. High-fat foods that contain little nutritional value are ones you should avoid if you want your body to make the best of your workouts.  Fast food and highly processed foods such as chips, biscuits and chocolate bars aren’t ideal.

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