Doing cardio is just not enough

Doing cardio is just not enough

Majority of people think that just getting you butt down to the gym is enough, walking on the treadmill for 20minutes and watching TV is all you have to do. Sadly I’m here to tell you it’s not. Hands down though for trying and getting started, doing some thing is better than nothing for your health. But if you want serious weight loss or toning you need to do more.

Weight loss is all about burning more energy than you consume. You eat less and move more you lose weight. The unfortunate thing about low impact cardio like walking is that you really don’t burn that much. To give you an idea, researchers have accumulated several studies across the world and what they found is that for some one to lose 7kg in a year without changing their diet they would need to walk approximately 37km each week. Now I don’t know how you feel about walking… but I think that’s a heck of a lot of walking! I take it you would rather lose 7kg in 2-3months, and not wait a year too.

So how can you lose 7kg in 3months? Quite easily actually if you know how…

My catch phrase this week and my clients will probably want to strangle me right now…

Intensity is today’s magic word! To lose weight through exercise you need to add intensity. You can do this through power or strength training. These forms of exercise chew up the calories.

Circuits, super setting along with your regular high intensity cardio activities are the best things for you. Not only will you lose weight fast but you will start to change your body shape. High intensity workouts helps to ward off evil diseases too like heart disease, type 2 diabetes. It pushes the heart, lungs and bones to be stronger and hence last longer.

From now on couple weight training with high intensity cardio on a weekly basis, this will help you shred the layers. So don’t wait one year, get intense now and see the results!

Gabrielle Maston