E Newsletter Edition 2

Pump N Run

Special EVENT PUMP and RUN class on Sat 11th May!

Come Join Lucia for our standard 9.30am pump class, followed by a quick (optional) CHI RUN over the bridge and back run!!

Chi running is about energy efficiency and injury prevention techniques which are created by alignment and relaxation. Chi running looks at Postural and Directional alignment.

Postural alignment – alignment with the pull of gravity, ensures that when we align our posture our bone structure will support our body weight instead of our muscles having to do the job. This helps prevent injuries from overuse.

Directional alignment – alignment with the direction in which we are headed, creates energy efficiency because it reduces extraneous movement.

Learn how to be an efficient and injury free runner with the our Pump and Run expert – Lucia!!


Monday             6.15am             Drummonyne

Monday             6.15pm             Rhodes

Tuesday            6.15am             Rhodes

Wednesday       6.15am             Drummonye

Wednesday       6.15pm             Rhodes

Thursday           6.15am             Rhodes

Saturday           7.15am             Rhodes


Call your club or join online to enroll today only $9.95 added on to your membership or $25 a week for non members.

Group Fitness Class in Profile


Have you been to a BODYATTACK class? Regardless of your answer did you know?? BODYATTACK burns approximately between 600 and 900 calories per class (this is dependent on your age, size & fitness level) and is a sports-inspired cardiovascular workout for building strength and stamina. It is a high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. Upper and lower body conditioning exercises are involved.

According to Les Mills, here are the benefits of Body Attack:

  • Burn loads of calories
  • Tone and shape your body
  • Raise your overall fitness and stamina for high energy sports
  • Improve your coordination and agility
  • Develop strength through core conditioning work
  • Enhance your bone health and density
  • Increase your heart and lung capacity through a full-body cardio workout

How to Maximize Your Results

When we start any form of training, our body needs to adapt to the new stimuli. In general it will take about 6 weeks for your body to make those adaptions to engage before the progress starts to slow down. It is at this stage that we change the program that you have started and start something new this is called “PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD”

There are many ways to create a progressive overload. All should be applied with the correct form & technique. Whether you add more reps, shorten your rest time, up the weight, use different techniques such as drop sets, negatives, high/low’s etc, it is extremely important to make it progressive and not sudden.

Increase your weights in small increments over time, not in a session because some smaller guy is pumping out 50kgs Dumbbell bench and your best is 40kgs so you try 50kgs not to look weak against a smaller bloke. That’s crazy! A lot of the increments I recommend from your maximum lifts may be 1.25kgs each side until you can lift that effectively, but more importantly safely to prevent injury. Train for you, compete against you and try to be just a little bit stronger or fitter over a long term period.

So set a plan, have targets and have a specific goal (I want to run 10km at a 5 minute per km pace). Keep a log to track and monitor your progress so that you can see all the hard work you’ve put in. Don’t progress to 50kgs when you can only lift 40kgs. Go to 42.5kgs and work with that until you can go to 45kgs.

I know this way your training will be long term which means you’ll create a lifestyle rather than a phase.

Until next time everyone, train hard but better still train smart – hit the muscles and not the egos! Jeff Morgan