Gfitness Corporate Challenge is On!


Glory and office bragging rights await the winners of the Gfitness Corporate Fitness Challenge.
Gfitness has an event that will inspire the Rhodes corporate community to get into fitness. Win it or just be in it, come and have some competitive fun with your colleagues.

Corporate Fitness Challenge Rules

Enter teams of three into the Gfitness Corporate Fitness Challenge.

Each person in your team must complete 1 of the 3 events.

Each team member’s event will be timed and added together for your teams overall score.

The 3 fastest teams will challenge off for the title and be crowned…

The Gfitness Corporate Challenge Winner

The three events your team will participate in are;

  • 2km treadmill run
  • 5km upright bike
  • 1000m row

When’s it on

You have a couple of weeks to get your teams into shape before the big event.

Your team must book their trial time and complete the event between the 10th and 15th of June and be timed by a Gfitness staff member.

The grand final for the 3 fastest teams will be held Tuesday 18th of June at 12pm. Bring your cheer squad along on the day.

What you Win

All entries go into the draw to win a 3 month membership at Gfitness.

The grand final winners are competing for the ongoing title (bragging rights) and winners trophy

How to Enter

Simple Register your team name and team members.

Entries close Friday 7th of June.

Each company can register as many teams as they like.

Teams will be handicapped for the following gender make up of the team.
3 males + 0 Female in a team = real team score counted
2 males + 1 Female in a team = – 30 secs off your total time
1 male + 2 Females in a team = – 60 secs off your total time
0 male + 3 Females in a team = – 90 secs off your total time

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