What is more effective for weight loss?

HITT stands for high intensity interval training. It is generally not performed for longer the 20 minutes.

This is the style of training where you are working at 90% of your maximum heart for 12-30 seconds followed by a recovery interval working at no more then 60% of maximum heart rate.

Short sharp busts of  cardio (especially running and or cycling ) will assist with putting on and the preservation of muscle mass .

LISS stands for low intensity steady state and is usually performed for 45 minutes to an hour and you should be working between 60% and 70% of your maximum heart rate.

Commonly performed on an empty stomach (sometimes called fasted cardio) The theory behind this stems from some studies showing that if you are doing your cardio on an empty stomach your body will use its fat stores as energy rather than  using glucose stores as energy from food you have consumed prior to that workout.

Fasted cardio need to be completed at a low to moderate intensity or you stand to lose lean muscle mass.

You stand to burn roughly the same amount of calories during each of these cardio sessions the benefits lay in the after burn. After a HITT session, it takes you a lot longer to return to your resting heart rate and increases your metabolism so essentially you can continue to burn calories for hours after a session.

So after weighing up the facts the decision is yours. What  type of training will you do?