The Key to Exercising at Any Age

Exercising as you get older can help keep your brain sharp, your bones and muscles in good condition and as a recent study has found, even help to reverse some cellular aspects of ageing itself. Let’s take a look at keeping fit and healthy into your thirties, forties, fifties and beyond.

What should we be looking for in workouts as we get older?
It’s a good idea to diversify your workouts from your thirties onwards, mixing up your workouts so you get a good combination of upper and lower focus. In your forties it should be all about retaining your strength and keeping that mid-life belly creep at bay. From your fifties on, you may find that sore knees or hips put you off exercising, but low impact options such as swimming or yoga can be a perfect alternative. From your sixties onwards, focusing on balance, strength and flexibility will help you stay independent and active. For all ages, consistency is key. There are benefits even if you start exercising over the age of 65, but the best strategy of all is to develop and maintain a healthy routine of mixed exercise throughout your life. Make it a normal part of your life and you’ll experience the advantages physically, mentally and emotionally.

What’s the best form of exercise for my age?
There are certain workout types that are ideal for all ages. As already discussed, yoga, pilates and swimming are all gentle forms of exercise that can be scaled to your ability and fitness level. High intensity aerobic training has been proven to be particularly effective at a metabolic and molecular level after the age of 65, while group classes are ideal for keeping you motivated and introduces a social element too. There are also weightlifters who can still out-lift others well into their eighties, so we say do whatever keeps you active and energetic with the correct techniques.

Get started or motivated with personal training
It doesn’t matter what age you are – if you haven’t exercised for a while or are looking to step up your workouts, fitness palm springs ca personal trainer can provide tailored advice to help you reach your goals. Depending on their specialty, they can also provide diet and technical advice to help you maximise your results. Get started with a 3 session trial pack at Gfitness, and get a feel for how personal training can keep you feeling and looking great well into the future.