Personal Training

  • Discover the new you
    Discover the new you

    If you want to get in the best shape of your life, the first step is asking for help. Whether you have short or long term objectives, one-on-one sessions with our passionate personal trainers will lead to personal fitness programs that inspire, challenge and motivate. Get ready to reach your personal health and fitness goals a lot sooner than you expected.

  • Understanding your goals
    Understanding your goals

    Alongside your friendly Gfitness personal trainer, you will begin your first session by assessing your current fitness levels, your lifestyle and your potential. Together, we work to define and understand your goals, as well as set achievable objectives and milestones on your path to fitness.

  • A personalised program
    A personalised program

    Want to achieve maximum success in the minimum amount of time? Your trainer will help you to develop a customised personal fitness program that will give you results in the fastest, safest and most inspiring way possible. Our experienced personal trainers know how to vary your training for the best effect.

  • Results you can see
    Results you can see

    You will start to see your hard work pay off quickly when you work with one of our personal trainers. We can’t wait to see how delighted you are by how quickly you’ll notice an improvement in your fitness. Our trainers are here to empower, educate and challenge you to live a fit and healthy life, both now and in the future. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll feel the benefits.

meet our team of Trainers…

Freshwater personal trainers

Get to know our team of experienced trainers, many of whom have had their own inspirational fitness journeys. While some have experience in working in rehabilitation, others have specialised in sports science and nutrition.

See if personal training is right for you by booking our special three session trial package at less than $30 per session – only $89 for the pack at Rhodes & $99 for the pack at Freshwater. Limited to one trial pack per person.

3 sessions - $89

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