Popping Pills?

Popping pills? You may be wasting money

A recent local experiment at Sydney has suggested vitamins do not work.

I find this a very relevant topic to address within a gym environment, because everyone seems to think taking more is better. Often we are mislead by aggressive advertising tactics of large pharmaceutical companies.

Acknowledging that most of you reading this blog are quite health conscious and are trying to improve your health and fitness, let me assure you, you don’t need vitamins. I especially emphasise this if your consumption of vitamin pills are haphazard and purpose less. For example I often hear client’s say “I use a multi vitamin as a top up, just in case I’m missing out on anything???.  This is not a good enough reason to waste your money.

When analysing food intakes of normal every day Australians, their diets  are not lacking in vitamins, over consumption is more of a concern.   Most diets over consume vitamin C and other B-vitamins. Besides if you had a deficiency (which is highly unlikely) most multi-vitamins on the market would not contain enough of each ingredient to significantly make a difference to your deficiency.

BUT… there are always exceptions to the rules!

The following conditions would most certainly warrant use of specific supplementation:

  • • If you followed a vegan diet where nutrient intake is often difficult to meet
  • • Had a diagnose deficiency like anemia OR low Vitamin D
  • • Had a chronic disease condition where requirements where higher

However I do urge you to seek advice from your doctor or a dietitian to warrant the extra spend. I would guarantee though most regular gym users, with a consistent pattern of nutritious healthily eating to not need vitamin pills. Save your money and buy new gym clothes, instead of flushing it down the toilet – literally!

Gabrielle Maston Club manager Drummoyne , Dietitian/nutritionist