Why Weight Training is a Great Option for Women

If you’ve been looking at female weight training before and after pictures in the fear that strength training will add bulk to your figure, have no fear. Weight training can be just as important for women as men and the correct techniques will have you looking long, lean and strong. Here’s why it might be a good idea to add some weight training to your workout schedule.

Weight training helps you to burn fat.

One of the most compelling benefits of strength training for females. The greater your muscle mass, the more you tend to burn fat at a resting rate. In one study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, women who lifted weights three times a week showed impressive losses in body fat and cholesterol while maintaining body mass.

Resistance training is great for your bones.

Not all exercise is equal when it comes to keeping your bones healthy. Research indicates that resistance training improves your muscle force and power, which is important for maintaining bone density. Resistance training in particular is said to be more effective for bone health than aerobic exercise such as running or walking.

Strength training will help you retain your muscle mass.

We lose about 3-5% of our muscle mass each decade after the age of 30 – a fun phenomenon known as sarcopenia. The good news is that we can maintain a lot of this muscle mass through resistance and weight training. Even older women can see an improvement in muscle mass by beginning a resistance training schedule.

Strong is the new skinny.

Looking great is not about starving yourself – it’s about feeding and treating your body well. A reduction in body fat without losing body mass means you’ll look lean and fit rather than weak or weedy. Weight training is an excellent way to tone, tighten and sculpt those muscles.

Weight training is empowering, and great for confidence.

Let’s be honest – lifting and pushing past our previous limits feels fantastic and is great for building your confidence. Had a bad day at work? Head to Gfitness and lift at 80% of your maximum capacity for a while, and we can almost guarantee you’ll feel more in control and ready to take on any situation.

It’s easy to master the right techniques with a little help.

You’ll have a lot of control over how resistance and weight training changes your body with the right methodology. We’d suggest initially working with a personal trainer to build your skills and techniques in resistance training so you can walk into your gym at any time and know you’re refining your muscle mass in the best way possible.