5 Protein-Packed Meals for a Post-Workout Feast

If you’re on your way home from Gfitness and you’re wondering what to eat after a workout to build muscle, you don’t need to stick to unexciting options! These four tasty options are quick and easy to make, plus they have high amounts of protein and carbohydrates to help your body recover and gain strength.

A salmon steak with sweet potato mash

Is steak a good post workout meal? It can take time and energy to digest a huge amount of protein like a rump steak, which is why a salmon steak is the perfect alternative for a protein boost. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids which are great for your heart and brain, as well as vitamin B12 which is ideal for post-workout muscle recovery. Pair your steak with some sweet potato mash to meet your carb needs, which has the added benefit of high fibre for weight loss.

Brown rice, tuna and avocado sushi

Brown rice differs to white rice in that it still has its germ and retains more of the original grain’s nutrients. A serving of brown rice is a great source of magnesium which promotes heart health, and its extra fibre can keep you fuller for longer. If you love sushi, combine brown rice with a good amount of protein-packed tuna and some ripe avocado for its essential vitamins and healthy fat. Even the nori, or seaweed that you use for sushi has its benefits, because it’s packed with calcium, iodine and B vitamins.

Roasted red capsicum and goats cheese frittata

Eggs are a go-to protein component for a lot of post-workout meals, but they can also get boring pretty quickly if you don’t mix things up. We love grilling red capsicum in a pan, adding egg mixture and topping off with some tangy goats’ cheese and spring onions. The red capsicum includes Vitamins C, A and B6, while the goats’ cheese adds flavour and calcium in a low-calorie option. You can add your preferred choice of ingredients for a balanced frittata ­– potato and spinach also make a great combination.

Prawn, cashew and broccolini stir fry

Stir fries are fast, easy and super healthy as long as you stay away from the heavy sauces. One of our favourite options includes prawns because they’re an excellent source of protein, vitamin B12 and calcium to strengthen your body. Add some tender broccolini for its fibre, magnesium and calcium, then a small handful of toasted cashews to add crunch and complex carbs. A dash of chilli boosts the flavour (and your metabolism) for a post-workout feast you can be proud of.