6 Things You Should Never Do at the Gym

The gym should be an open, enjoyable and friendly place to work out, and at Gfitness that’s exactly what we aim to provide. There are a few things that can ruin the experience for yourself or others if they become a habit, however. If you’re making any of these mistakes, check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail.
It’s wise to keep a gym bag packed with a water bottle, towel, clean clothing and deodorant no matter what type of exercise you’ll be doing. If you’re feeling thirsty during a workout that’s a sign you’re already on your way to being dehydrated, so keep water handy and take regular sips. Bringing a healthy post-workout snack is also a great idea to stave off any hungry “I’ve earnt it” stops on the way home!

Don’t stick just stick to one or two machines.
Not only is it a better idea to mix up your movement and the areas you’re targeting, it also gives other people the chance to use that machine. Give the treadmill 30 minutes, then work on weights or resistance training – or jump into a BodyPump class. Your body (and your fellow gym users) will thank you for the variety.

Avoid jumping in too hard or too fast.
It can be tempting to get started on a high-intensity training session straight away, but warming up and cooling down are still both important parts of many workouts. Stretching and beginning at a moderate pace can help to minimise sprains and injuries and will get you in the mood for an in-depth workout where you can go hard and gain the rewards.

There’s no need to constantly compare yourself to others.
That guy’s arms might look amazing because of genetics, diet or simply damn hard work, but everyone’s fitness path is going to be different. Focus on blitzing your own goals and you’ll find you stay much more motivated than if you’re constantly comparing yourself to someone you deem ‘bigger’ or ‘better’.

Remember your gym etiquette.
There are a few simple unspoken rules that make the gym a pleasant place for everyone to use! Wipe down any sweaty surfaces, try not to drop weights loudly to the floor and put them away correctly when you’re done using them. Crucially, avoid distracting anyone from their workout, and keep that long phone call for after the gym.

Don’t focus only on your strengths or weaknesses.
Having a general idea of what you should improve on is great – getting discouraged because you’re only focused on your weaknesses is not. In the same way, focusing only on your strengths will lead to unbalanced results and little flexibility in your workouts. Try to keep your self-assessments balanced, maintain clear goals and work with a personal trainer if you’d like some tailored advice.