Find the Warrior within You with the Warrior Workout

Find the Warrior within You with the Warrior Workout

When you think of a warrior you immediately picture a fighter equipped with his steel armour and sword. That warrior is ready to take on any challenge and does it with bravery and pride. The warrior focuses on succeeding. That’s what the warrior workout is all about.

What are the Benefits of a Workout Class?

A workout class is a great place to go if you need the motivation to succeed and like having fun within a group. Workout classes give you the opportunity to:

  • Mix up your workouts and try new ways of exercising you haven’t attempted before.
  • Challenge yourself and your body through the motivation of a class instructor.

What is the Warrior Workout All About?

The Warrior Workout is a fitness class that consists of the following:


Cardiovascular exercise, or cardio for short, is basically any type of movement that gets your heart racing and your blood flowing. We get your body moving while you’re having fun. Not only will you burn those calories, your heart will thank you for it with improved health too.


Strength training involves using weights repetitively to increase muscle mass and bone density. Building muscle and bone strength has numerous possible health benefits including less chance of injury, decreased chance of arthritis and osteoporosis and more. You’ll feel as strong as a warrior after our workout and ready to take on whatever a regular day throws at you.


Going hard and fast is well and good but going the distance is just as important. Our endurance training will have you able to sustain your energy levels during running, cycling or swimming events. It’s also fantastic for physical and mental health. We’ll release the warrior within you by slightly pushing your limits each time.


Every warrior is able to put up a good fight! Not only is boxing a lot of fun, it is excellent for fat burning, increased muscle tone and stress relief. We’ll show you how to throw the punches and kick the kicks, all the while getting stronger and healthier.

Interval Training

Interval training is the fastest way to get a massive impact from your workout. These workouts are performed in rapid succession over a number of seconds but they don’t last long and you get a short rest in-between. You’ll be amazed how the warrior workout will improve your abilities on this one, week after week.

Are you ready to awaken the warrior within you? Why not try one of our classes at GFitness. Our Warrior Workout takes place at 6am from our Rhodes gym in Sydney. Check out our timetable here or contact us today for your free gym trial.