Getting Back into the Gym After a Long Break

There’s nothing more daunting than getting back into the gym after a long break! Whether you’ve been on holiday in exotic island villa, caring for your new baby or fell off the wagon completely, it is entirely possible to turn your fitness and wellbeing around. Here are our tips for getting started again.

  1. Get back into the groove in group workouts
    One sure-fire way of staying motivated about exercise is to enjoy it! Group fitness allows you to build up your fitness levels while being pumped up by great music and a friendly bunch of people. You can even start at the back of the class if you’re feeling self-conscious until your confidence gains. You’ll be striding into the gym with pride in no time at all.
  1. Make your workouts more effective with personal training

Personal trainers are invaluable if you’re returning to exercise after an injury, have had a baby or are new to exercise. Not only does a trainer understand exactly how to tailor your workouts to suit your fitness, you’ll also see improvements much faster than going it alone. Don’t be afraid to ask whatever queries you may have about techniques, nutrition or workouts – there’s no such thing as a stupid question, and the more knowledge you have the better.

  1. Plan your meals ahead of time
    The better you eat, the better you’re going to feel. Get into the habit of shopping for and planning healthy meals: even cooking and freezing these ahead of time if you have a busy schedule. There are a number of healthy meal delivery services you can also use such as Youfoodz, FivePointFour, Fresh Fit Meals and Dietlicious that are designed to help you eat well and optimise your fitness. Nourishing your body will maximise your workout results for quicker results.
  1. Make exercise part of your routine

Nike’s adage “Just do it” definitely rings true in this situation. Set an alarm on your clock, go straight to the gym after work or tell yourself that you can’t relax in front of the TV until you’ve been to the gym that day. HIIT sessions are ideal for time-poor people, with great results coming from half-hour sessions several times a week.

  1. Keep yourself encouraged

It’s vital to stay motivated when you embark on a new fitness path. Set yourself realistic goals and work towards a specific milestone such as a fun run or a marathon. We love the Run Down Under program which records you as you run the full 14,080km around Australia. It’s incredibly motivating to virtually travel the country without ever leaving your treadmill!

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