The Science Behind a HIIT Beach Session

Even though we know how well High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) works, we’re always amazed at how quickly it enables people to tone up and improve their performance through our weekly classes at Freshwater Beach. So what exactly is so effective about a HIIT workout session on the beach? Let’s take a look.

HIIT is incredibly efficient.

The very nature of a High Intensity Interval Training session means that you’re exercising at full capacity in rounds of very short bursts, with recovery periods of gentle exercise in between. HIIT has been proven to enhance aerobic fitness as much as 10 times as regular endurance exercise does.

The great news is that completing HIIT sessions a few times a week may actually be a more effective frequency than every day. In one Norwegian study, subjects who completed three HIIT sessions per week improved their endurance capacity by around 11%. Those who completed HIIT sessions daily actually saw no improvement and in some cases, their endurance even declined until they quit the experiment, demonstrating that fatigue could play a part. In short, three half-hour sessions per week could be ideal for burning fat and developing muscle tone.

In another study by the University of Western Ontario, women who did 4 to 6 30-second sprints actually burnt more fat than those walking 60 whole minutes in an inclined treadmill. That makes HIIT ideal for those who lead busy lives.

Sand resistance burns more energy.

The benefit of completing a HIIT session at the beach is that you have extra resistance for many of the exercises. In one study from the Journal of Experimental Biology, walking on sand expended 2.1–2.7% more energy than on a hard surface, while running on sand uses 1.6% more energy than on a hard surface. The same principle applies for water workouts. Burn more energy, and you’ll be getting better results for the time you spend exercising.

It ain’t over, even when it’s over.

One of the best effects of a HIIT session is that your workout continues to work for you once you’ve left the beach. According to one East Tennessee State University study, resting metabolic rates were increased for 24 hours after a HIIT session. That means more efficient weight loss, more energy and better all-round performance.

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