Try Barre Attack and Tone Your Butt

Gfitness Rhodes is excited to have added Barre Attack to our timetable, and this energetic class is proving very popular. Let’s take a closer look at this fitness option and the benefits it can bring.

What is Barre Attack?

It’s a dynamic fusion of ballet, Pilates and fitness, and it’s anything but boring! Barre Attack employs the use of a ballet barre, mats, hand weights and resistance bands in a mixture of cardio, stretching and core work. A trained instructor takes you through the steps in detail over a 45-55 minute class. The program was founded and designed by Hamburg-trained ballet dancer, Renee Scott.

Which areas do Barre Attack target?

You’ve seen how long, lean and limber professional ballet dancers are, and Barre Attack uses many of the same principles to achieve a similar result. You can expect a straighter posture and a longer, leaner physique if you attend regularly. Moves are designed to fit an interval training pattern to raise and lower your heart rate intermittently, which is ideal for burning fat. As well as general toning and tightening Barre Attack also improves the butt, abs, thighs and arms, which tend to be tricky areas for many. Prepare to strengthen your core and feel the effects on your abdominals after a workout!

Is it only for super-fit and flexible people?

Certainly not! This low-impact workout is designed for all fitness levels and provides a full-body workout that is easy to follow and master. It’s also a lot of fun and taught all over Australia. The class is set to an energetic music track at around 128pbm and class sizes are limited so you get the instructions and assistance without distraction. Just let your instructor know if you’re pregnant or have an injury so they can help you adjust your moves to suit. Don’t be daunted – come in and try a class.

What do I wear and bring to a class?

Simple wear your normal yoga or Pilates gear and bring along a towel and water bottle. Some people prefer to be barefoot during class while others like to use grippy socks. We provide all gym equipment for the class, including balls, weights and mats.

Our Rhodes location currently offers four Barre Attack classes per week. It’s best to book your place up to 48 hours before each class due to popular demand, so check out the timetable and we’ll see you soon!