Which Group Classes Are Right for Me?

Feeling overwhelmed by the many options for group fitness classes at Gfitness? Luckily, we’ve outlined all of the options for you right here. Take your pick, or even better – give them all a try!

For a high-energy workout:

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is proven to boost aerobic fitness and burn fat using short bursts of intense activity, and is ideal for all fitness levels. Short on time? Try HIIT 30 minutes.
  • Les Mills BodyCombat is inspired by martial arts, and you can burn up to 740 calories in one session of high-energy kick, punches and core work all set to energetic music.
  • Boxing helps to develop cardio fitness, tone and strength all in one, as well as perfecting your boxing techniques. This class is fast paced and will definitely have you sweating.
  • Metafit was created by a former Royal Marine Commando and it shows. It’s a 30 minute blend of HIIT techniques and bodyweight exercises to boost your metabolism and work your muscles.
  • Core 30 Min is for those who want to work on their abs, lower back and core strength. It also includes some cardio, so expect to get your heart rate up before finishing up with gentle stretching.

Cardio-central classes:

  • Cardio quickie is just 25 minutes in length but its medium to high intensity reps will have a noticeable effect. Pump up your heart rate and get lean and limber with this express cardio workout.
  • Zumba brings out the joy of dance to Latin-inspired soundtracks for a cardio workout that improves your whole-body fitness. It’s easy to follow, a whole lot of fun and ideal for all fitness levels.
  • Cycle/Spin is a bike-based class that suits all fitness levels, as you can set your own resistance levels to burn hundreds of calories. If you’re short on time or new to spin, Spin express is great too.
  • Cycle combo adds weight training to an indoor cycling session for max benefits. You’ll spend one hour both off and on the bike using weights, body bars and resistance bands to great effect.
  • Les Mills BodyAttack is another great cardio calorie-burner set to music, combining athletic jumping and running with squats and lunges for a full-on workout that’ll leave you buzzing.

To tone and tighten:

  • Barre Attack uses the ballet barre, resistance bands and Pilates balls to take you through cardio intervals, core strength and functional exercises. Booking is a must to avoid missing out!
  • Les Mills BodyBalance is a fun and low intensity workout that lets you stretch and strengthen using a blend of yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi along with a final meditation (great soundtrack included).
  • Les Mills BodyPump uses barbells and resistance bands to burn fat and build tone and strength. You’ll be so busy jamming to the music that you won’t realise just how much work you’ve done!

For a gentle yet effective workout:

  • Yoga is the perfect chance to find balance and send stress packing. Our yoga classes provide a welcoming environment where your mind and spirit both get a reset from daily life.
  • Spinal yoga uses basic yoga positions to improve your alignment, range of motion and breathing. It’s a low-impact class and ideal for older adults and those recovering from intense workouts.
  • Pilates is excellent for improving posture, muscle strength and the alignment of your body. The exercises are gentle and aimed at your deep postural muscles to help work out tensions.
  • Boomers includes exercises focused on mobility, posture and balance for seniors who want to keep active and healthy. This class is super friendly and suits every level of ability and fitness.
  • Stretch conditioning is ideal for older adults and beginners, and provides gentle all-body exercises that target cardio fitness, muscle toning and balance through weights and resistance bands.

Find the perfect class close to you at our Freshwater or Rhodes locations.