• The Key to Exercising at Any Age<
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    The Key to Exercising at Any Age

    Exercising as you get older can help keep your brain sharp, your bones and muscles in good condition and as a recent study has found, even help to reverse some …

  • The benefits of Bootcamp<
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    The benefits of Bootcamp

    Suck that stomach in. Shoulders back, head straight forward. Get ready to kick it into high gear. No, you are not entering the military. But you are going to Bootcamp.

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    Join us for the much awaited launch of Gfitness BOOTCAMP

    We have over 7 sessions per week, for only an extra $9.95 add on to your current membership for members or $25 per week for non members. This  presale is only available till Saturday the 27th of April.  That’s right REAL RESULTS REAL FAST with our elite BOOTCAMP trainers for less than 10 bucks per week.

  • Foam rolling the modern day static stretch<
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    Foam rolling the modern day static stretch

    Since the dawn of time it has been imbedded in our brain that static stretching is the correct method for recovery of our muscles.

  • Doing cardio is just not enough<
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    Doing cardio is just not enough

    Majority of people think that just getting you butt down to the gym is enough, walking on the treadmill for 20minutes and watching TV is all you have to do. Sadly I’m here to tell you it’s not.

  • Kettle Bells – what are they good for?<
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    Kettle Bells – what are they good for?

    Gfitnesshas hoped on the kettle bell band wagon and bought ourselves a brand spanking new set of kettle bells. If you think this is just a fad, I’d have you know that Kettle bells have in fact been a long standing pieces of furniture in Russian an Easter European strong man communities. Actually the first kettle bell was made in 1709… good idea to remember this useless fact for the next trivia night. Lol

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